Just What Is It?

What has brought your heart before me,
Left me thirsting for love's infinity?
Propped on a cloud, so silver-lined
I am profoundly proud, almost divine.
My heart parades round inside me,
Has been changed, has found a destiny.
No doubt I've been mesmerized,
Lost myself in the canyon of your eyes.

Once I doubted if I could, might
Shine with another soul, eternal, bright,
In some place I had never seen,
A love that would leave me breathless, serene.
It was then I was blinded by time,
Had lost the feeling of the true sublime.
Now that it's present, unabashed,
I bare myself, welcome its tender lash,
For love's delights are escorted
By the chance its birth may be aborted.

Nevertheless, I will take fate
By its smooth and thorny horns, and create
Days of wine and days of roses,
And let the power of wisdom show us
That when we stand naked, alone,
Stripped of all possessions, all that we own,
We're two souls walking in the mist
Of life, searching for the sun of a kiss.