Light of Day

Your face has finally entered my mind.
Your spirit, taken over my space.
I saw all of you
For a splinter of a moment,
In your barefaced beauty
On sheets of gold

You speak in signs
with which I was once unfamiliar,
Now I study them like an archaeologist
On the trail of
Clues to his existence.

Swimming through the juices of your love
I almost drowned,
But was buoyed by the mysteries
that exude from you;
Beckoning me to pain,
And everywhere beyond

What keys are locked up in our experiences,
walking through the corridors of love?
Why is truth so avoided?
Why do we hold up mirrors
to deflect all we really want?

My body is fully aching
from desire for you tonight.
Spread yourself under me
Like a blanket enveloping my senses:
I long for the wisdom of your embrace.

We posed hypothetical questions
Within the autumnal morning light
of my kitchen.
I know I will venture
to find a common recipe
for a life of love with you.

You're making me mad,
Slowly, beautifully,