Music Management

Daedalus Music Management is based in North Bergen, New Jersey and has been helping young artists to be recognized in the New York City area since 1993.Through a careful cultivation of image, musical style and direction, as well as free artistic reign, Daedalus has gained the trust of its clientele, and has been able to hone their various visions to their satisfaction.

By recording in its own Apollo Studios in North Bergen, artists with Daedalus have the luxury of working without pressure in a modern recording studio that has the ability to produce totally professional recordings. The recording facilities offer not only digital but analog equipment. Due to the nature of the studio's equipment, location recording is also a possibility.

Our experiences are the hard evidence of our successes, and we feel that through a combination of the artist's sharp vision and our refinement of that vision through image-making and shining aural achievements, Daedalus Music Management reaches the goal of mutual satisfaction for the artist and the agent.