Left of Heaven Bio

Basically conceived under the shadow of clashing zeppelins which you, too, know, Left of Heaven aspired to transform emotions into sound. The staid formulas that have come to define Rock music were always avoided due to the aural plague they are, therefore the band's focus was always on the unusually accessible.

Admittedly a tough road to traverse, Left of Heaven was committed to a classic credo of strong melodies and riffs, but also to original arrangement and instrumentation. The results were, at their best, provocative and moving, at their worst, interesting. Within the group's sonic parameters one can hear the echoes of 40 years of musical history and a future.

The sound is left of heaven because the band accepted and knew that within the borders of experimentation it had chosen, there was no heaven, and there was no right.


Left of Heaven Songs

Title Duration Listen Now Lyrics
Can't Make You Mine 4:43 Lyrics Download mp3
I Wish It Was 3:07 Lyrics Download mp3
I've Just Lost Her Way 5:12 Lyrics Download mp3
On the Line 4:23 Lyrics Download mp3
Take Your Liberty 4:05 Lyrics Download mp3
Wreck my Dream 4:44 Lyrics Download mp3
You 4:46 Lyrics Download mp3