Apollo Recording Studios: "Where the sound shines"

807 80th Street
North Bergen, New Jersey 07047
Tel: (201) 209-8819
e-mail: 1apollo.studio@gmail.com

Apollo Studios is a 32-track studio that combines digital and analog recording using a Tascam TSR–8 reel to reel 8–Track tape deck that is synchronized with a Mac "Logic Pro" digital recording program. This arrangement combines the warmth of vocals and acoustic instruments that analog is known for with the quietness and clarity of sound, which is the hallmark of digital recording.There is a vast collection of digital sounds that can be gotten from the various plug-ins and outboard equipment the studio has to offer. The focus here in North Bergen is on the production of crystalline, satisfying sound that sucks in any listener; no music services such as getting your music on Spotify, iTunes, etc. are offered.

Although Apollo Studios is quite small, the sound is very big! Because of its size, live drums must be recorded "on location", though with the KAT Digital Drums in the studio it is possible to obtain a great drum sound, too, but with MIDI technology. It is just a matter of the drummer's choice.

Apollo Studios is equipped with the following:

  • Logic Pro 10.2.4
  • Tascam TSR–8 reel to reel 8–Track analog tape deck
  • Roland U-20 Keyboard;Roland XV-2020 sound module
  • Behringer X-32 32 channel digital mixing board
  • TC Helion Voice Prism Plus (outboard)
  • KAT D-10 Drum pad
  • Alesis Quadraverb (outboard)
  • CAD CGM–2 Champ compressor (outboard)
  • Roland SDE–2500 digital delay (outboard)
  • AKG-414 condensor microphone, and other excellent recording microphones
  • Yamaha S15 Monitors
  • IK Multimedia TRacks 5 Mastering Software
  • IK Multimedia Sample Tank 3, Line 6 POD Farm, and Apple VST plug-ins
  • 2014 Mac Mini computer with Yosemite 10.10.3 OS, 1 TB digital HD, and 8 GB RAM
  • Korg DSM-1 and Yamaha A3000 Samplers
  • Unitor 8 MIDI Sequencer

Final mixes can be prepared for replication/duplication, and mastered before either process, if wished. Because Joseph Florio, engineer, owner and producer, is semi-retired and understands the financial situation of artists, especially young ones, he wants to keep the hourly rate reasonable: the flat rate for recording and mixing is $40 an hour.

Joseph Florio comes from the New York City Metropolitan area and has been involved in the recording of music for more than 35 years. Possessing a sensitive, creative and attentive ear for music, you can be certain that the sound you hear in your head is the sound you will have on your recording, in the end.

Don't hesitate to contact the studio to recieve free samples of past recordings, and a free consultation about your recording project.