Vida Augusta

Raised and bred primarily in Alabama, and certainly a southerner, Vida Augusta moved north to the New York City Metropolitan area at the age of 26, where she married and settled down, raising a family of two children.

A teacher of English and a graduate of Howard College in Alabama, she wrote poetry throughout her 77 years. It is said that poets are not made, but born; Vida Augusta is proof of this adage.

Her poems and stories are haunted by a voice that is imminently wise and pure, besotted with the world's woes, yet simultaneously aware of all the beautiful possibilities it offers. Her poetry, especially, is stylistically her own, and the observations she unveils to the reader are full of truths and visions that are expressed in words that elevate through their power and erudition.

A Modernist rebel in content and in style, the voice of Vida Augusta may not ever let you alone after you have opened yourself to its majestic supremacy of expression.


Baba Rum
Ciao, Sole
In the Morning
Poet's Duty
Red Light
Restraint Was Advised
So Swiftly Beyond
The Diver
The Last Sunset on the Tuning Forks
The Son
The Third Rail
Traveling to Cape May

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